Yoshimura SERT Motul returns to the legendary Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium for the second round of the 2024 FIM Endurance World Championship on Saturday the 8th of June, leading the championship with 61 points, after an outstanding performance at the 24-Heures Motos, Le Mans, in April.

The 8-Hours of Spa Motos replaces the 24-hour edition in 2023 where Yoshimura SERT Motul achieved a creditable fourth-place finish after facing a series of challenges and setbacks.

Yoshimura SERT Motul, with the Suzuki GSX-R1000R, was fastest at Spa in both 2022 and 2023 and currently holds the lap record on the demanding 6.985 km track.

As the team approaches the second round of the 2024 series, the riders reflect on their victory at the 24-Heures Motos victory at Le Mans, France, and look ahead to Spa.


Finishing the 2023 season with a win, and then starting 2024 at Le Mans with another win was awesome. They are the two most important races of EWC and to enjoy such success at both was a huge boost.

The team had carried out some great work during the winter to give us a better bike that allowed us to show our speed and dial in the race pace. It may be an old bike now, but it’s still ahead of the game. Another aspect at Le Mans was the team atmosphere and strong family-like bond. We all had our moments in the race but the communication and exchange between all the existing crew and new team members such as Nicolas Reynier the new chief mechanic, and new rider Dan Linfoot, made it all seamless which made us feel good on the bike, and that’s a key thing.

I’ve been really busy since the 24-Heures Motos with my riding company and teaching at track days, as well as the usual cycling, gym and the like. I went to a Motul enduro event for a few days which was good fun but, really, my life has been all about packing in bike time – not necessarily at race speed though.

With regard to Spa …, we had a few challenges thrown our way last year, the biggest of which was a mechanical issue, which cost us a lot of time. However, we were one of the fastest teams out there and we know we can count on performance and reliability for this next race, and battle for the win.

It’s an 8-hour race this year which means you can push your body, mental strength and bike that bit harder, knowing you’re ‘only’ going to do two to three stints. We basically do our stints for fuel and, with such a long straight at Spa, they are shorter, around 50 minutes, as opposed to nearly an hour at Le Mans.

We know the track. It’s one of nicest tracks in world. It’s an old type of circuit with the countryside, an undulating profile, and some blind, really fast corners such as the famous Raidillon. It’s always impressive to carry speed through that corner. It shows the difference between slower and faster riders.

I’m really, really looking forward to it!


I felt so good and so happy after the Le Mans victory and now I’m excited to be going to Spa.

When you have a result like we had at Le Mans, you immediately find the motivation to get back to work.

I haven’t changed very much in my preparation going from a 24-hour race to an 8-hour. I have a lot of experience in the sport, and I tend to know what I need. I went into a physical training programme directly after the race with some adjustments from my personal trainer.

Thinking about the differences between the 24 and 8-hour races, I do prefer the 24-hours because it’s a test of real endurance. However, endurance racing is unique, it’s an experience that is incomparable to other motorcycling sporting events and so whether 24 or 8-hours, it delivers a sensation like no other.

I was part of Yoshimura SERT Motul Spa last year when we faced many challenges. However, we stayed strong and focused and gave it our all to finish fourth, which was amazing considering the downtime in the pit garage.

Looking ahead to this year, Spa is very demanding due to the high speed, we can ride some corners on 6th gear full throttle, this is very different to how we ride at other circuits, and very physical.

We have a great team. I love its spirit. The cohesion is just perfect, we communicate a lot and I have a great deal of trust in each member of the team.

I’m really excited to get back in saddle of the Suzuki GSX-R1000R team bike. It’s always a pleasure to ride it, and I enjoy every lap. I love it and I can’t wait to get to Spa!


For me winning at Le Mans was a huge relief. As the new boy, an Englishman coming into a French/Japanese team, it was important to fit in and not make any mistakes or let the team down.

The team gelled very quickly, and I honestly felt like I had been a part of it for a long time as we all worked so well together. I was a little nervous before the first stint at the 24-Heures Motos but, once it was out of the way and I found my rhythm, it was all good. The aim was clearly to win but, to actually do it and to know I contributed towards delivering it was incredible. We obviously celebrated the win, however, the focus quickly shifted forward to the next round.

I’ve not done anything too exciting since Le Mans just continuing daily training which is a mixture of gym, running, cycling and a little bit of track coaching. My mind is on the 3rd of June as we go into race week for Spa. My prep and training have been identical for this upcoming 8-hour as it was for the 24-hour. Basically, I never train for less than an hour at a time as one stint on the bike in EWC will usually be around an hour.

There will be no testing ahead of Spa although, as I raced the 24-hour there in 2022, I am fairly current with the track. The first day will be spent on getting back up to speed, re-familiarising with the bike and track, and getting to work on pace and feelings for the race.

An 8-hour race is more intense, and you have to give 100% in every stint. Obviously, we always do that in every race, but we’ll take that intensity up a level for Spa.

I have to say that this track in Belgium is my favourite. It’s so fast, goes out into the trees, the corners, apart from the hairpin at turn one and the final chicane, are fast and flowing. It’s a legendary track with rewarding and exhilarating corners to ride, the obvious one is Raidillon which, because of the compression and camber, gives a thrilling sensation when you go through it every lap.

I’m feeling excited about the prospect of racing at Spa with Yoshimura SERT Motul. It’s a track I love, I feel I’m in a really great place with my racing and love being a part of this project. And … no darkness will be a bonus!

I’m so keen to get there and get going.

The 8 Hours of Spa Motos will run from the 6th to the 8th of June with testing on Thursday, free practice and qualifying on Friday followed by the eight-hour race, which is due to run from 13h00-21h00 CET on Saturday.