Trusted Mufflers Yoshimura Cyclone

At Yoshimura Japan, we collectively refer to our in-house manufactured mufflers as Cyclone.
Under the concepts of "high performance," "high quality," and "compliance with various regulations",
we carefully craft each one with utmost care, cherishing and building them one by one.

Feature Products

Exhaust Variation

Full Exhaust

Mechanical bending : Titanium Full Systems

Full Exhaust

Mechanical bending : Titanium / FIRE SPEC

Full Exhaust

Mechanical bending : Stainless Full Systems

Full Exhaust

Mechanical bending : 4into1 Full Systems

Full Exhaust

Hand Bant Systems : Titanium Full Systems

Full Exhaust

Hand Bant Systems : Straight Cyclones


Hand Bant Systems : Titanium Slip-ons


Hand Bant Systems : Stainless Slip-ons


Hand Bant Systems : Stainless Slip-ons Type-R

Exhaust Variation

Silencer Variation

R-11Sq R (Ultimate spec)

Premium silencer which uses only titanium in its material.
The hexagonal titanium mesh plate on the exit is designed based on the racing development technology. It optimizes exhaust pulsation and makes linear acceleration work possible.

R-11Sq R

R-11Sq R is the Yoshimura high end silencer that is used for Superbike and Endurance races. It is based on R-11Sq but the silencer is lengthened to secure enough silencer capacity to achieve low noise and high performance.


R-11Sq is the highest grade silencer evolved from R-11 and it is developed through to Yoshimura race scene. The square tapered shape enables to have enough volume to control exhaust noise to meet race and road regulation without sacrificing performance.


The triangle tapered shape silencer with carbon end cap is developed based on Yoshimura racing experiences and technology. The sharpened and edged design well suit to sports bikes.


It is developed for over litter class bikes and adventure motorcycles. The silencer has a heptagonal shape and it is available with either carbon or stainless end cap. The silencer durability and performance have been proved since its debut in 2013.


Based on the HEPTA FORCE’s heptagonal shape but renewed for middle sized engines. The tapered shape with carbon end cap is Yoshimura’s typical design.


R-77J is trapezoid shape silencer that is designed by Yoshimura R&D of America and it is available with either carbon or stainless end cap.


R-77S is a scaled down R-77 trapezoidal silencer designed to provide maximum power and torque gains while reducing weight.


A Military-style look silencer with complicated inside structure.
It keeps exhaust sound low compared with ordinary open type silencer but still makes clear and pleasant exhaust note.


RS-4J silencer is specifically developed for motocross and dirt bikes. It is originally designed by Yoshimura R&D of America and Yoshimura Japan redeveloped it to optimize the power and sound level for street use.


PATRIOT is designed to match retro style motorcycles. The unique retro styling is derived from the stainless tapered end piece on the round type silencer.

Tri-Oval & Tri-Cone

Tri-Oval is triangle shape silencer that is developed to give a deeper lean angle to motorcycles. This silencer becomes the trigger of multangular silencers prevalence in motorcycle industry.

Tri-Cone is adding a carbon or stainless end cap on Tri-Oval silencer. Basic performance adhere to Tri-Oval silencer.


Round type silencer is a traditional style and popular design among Yoshimura exhausts.

Oval & Oval Cone

Oval shape silencer is designed to increase the silencer capacity to reduce exhaust sound level while increasing the engine performance.

ALPHA (YoshimuraUSA)

ALPHA-T (YoshimuraUSA)

RS-4 (YoshimuraUSA)

RS-9 (YoshimuraUSA)

RS-2 (YoshimuraUSA)

BST-V / Straight

The traditional style 4-1 exhaust system suits to retro style motorcycles. There are two types hand bent straight cyclone which is manufactured by Yoshimura expert craftsmen, and machine bent straight cyclone on lineup.

Silencer Variation

Sleeve Variation


Aluminum is used for a few models with traditional design.


Stainless is one of the most durable sleeve materials and it is available with polished finish.

Satin Finish

Satin Finish is adding a special surface finish on stainless sleeve. The titanium like mat finish suits with many types of motorcycles.


Titanium is known for high durability and light weight. This sleeve material is used for the silencer of Yoshimura racers. The surface is finished mat tone with fine hair-lines.


Carbon fiber is the lightest weight material among other sleeve materials. The texture of the carbon sleeve well matches with many motorcycles.

Metal Magic

Metal Magic is developed as a Yoshimura original finish having stainless durability and carbon like texture by coating a special heat resistance black paint.

Titanium Blue

aTitanium Blue is produced by anodizing a polished titanium sleeve. It is as light weight and durable as titanium sleeve but with gorgeous gradation color.

Sleeve Variation

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