All Japan Road Race Championship(JSB1000class)

Rider #12 Takuya Tsuda / #50 Soudou Hamahara

Yoshimura Suzuki MOTUL Racing announces rider lineup for All Japan Road Race Championship.

Takuya Tsuda is highly motivated rider and this is his 5th year to race at Yoshimura Suzuki. He is aiming for the championship title of this year.

Sodo Hamahara is a young rookie rider. It is the first full season he races All Japan Road Race Championship, and it will be a challenging year for him.

Yoshimura Suzuki MOTUL Racing team will work hard to develop newly introduced GSX-R1000 and aim for the series champion.

#12 Takuya Tsuda

NameTakuya Tsuda
Place of birthWakayama, Japan
Date of birth27 April, 1985

This is my 5th season to race JSB1000 with Yoshimura Suzuki and finally the new GSX-R1000 debuted. The new GSX-R1000 and the new title sponsor made this season entirely fresh, and I am very motivated to race. During the off season, I have tested the new GSX-R1000 with my team and I will surely be on the top on the podium this year. Thank you very much for your support.

Race Career
2012All Japan Championship R-2 JSB1000 (Wildcard) 7th / Yoshimura
Suzuka 8H 4th place
All Japan Championship ST600 Ranking 7th
2013Suzuka 8H 2nd
All Japan Championship JSB1000 Ranking Ranking 4th
2014Suzuka 8H 2nd
All Japan Championship JSB1000 Ranking Ranking 3rd
2015Suzuka 8H 5th
All Japan Championship JSB1000 Ranking Ranking 4th
2016Suzuka 8H 3rd
All Japan Championship JSB1000 Ranking Ranking 2nd

#50 Soudou Hamahara

NameSoudou Hamahara
Place of birthKanagawa, Japan
Date of birth17 January, 1995

It was my dream to race All Japan Road Race championship JSB1000 and now I have the chance. I am very nervous as well as motivated that I am going to race with the one of the most famous teams in Japan. Also, thanks to Takuya and my team, I think it is the perfect surrounding for me and I will race to live up to Yoshimura’s name. Although this is the very first season to race All Japan Road Race Championship, I will do my best to reach the podium.

Race Career
2015ALL JAPAN SuperMOTO S1PRO Ranking 3rd
2016Suzuka 8H

2017 Yoshimura JSB1000 Machine