Frame Slider Kit PRO SHIELD


Product Variation

Optional Spacer Set for Ninja650

Parts No.571-266-1000

Frame Slider Kit

Parts No.571-266-0000

Product Description

Frame Slider is an essential item when racing.
The Yoshimura Frame Slider Kit PRO SHIELD is reflecting the slider used on the Yoshimura race bike, and it is redesigned for street or track use.
It helps to protect engine and frame when falling or sliding, and reduces the damage minimum.

Stylish and aerodynamic shaped slider is machined from POM (polyacetal/polyoxymethylene) which is having excellent abrasion resistance.

To mount this product on Ninja650 (21) is required additional part: 571-266-1000 Optional Spacer Set
*Replacement sliders
<a href="" class="thickbox" title="Slider LH : Part No. 571-000-0110“>
Slider LH: Part No. 571-000-0110
<a href="" class="thickbox" title="Slider RH : Part No. 571-000-0120“>
Slider RH: Part No. 571-000-0120

Compatible models & model years

Z650RS2022 / 2023 / 2024