#12 LEGEND TEAM Third rider announced.

Rider Kevin Schwantz / Satoshi Tsujimoto / Nobuatsu Aoki

Fujio Yoshimura

I’ve had many concerns to make the best choice to appoint 3rd rider of #12 “Legend of Yoshimura Suzuki Shell ADVANCE” for upcoming Suzuka 8 Hour Race. The main concern was physical condition of both Schwantz and Tsujimoto in the grueling heat during Suzuka 8H race. They are still fit and motivated, but completing 8 hours is really tough beyond everyone’s thoughts. Also even they have brilliant racing histories and experiences, it is no so easy to advance to Top-10 Trial. So, my last bid was to pick Nobuatsu Aoki for the 3rd rider. He has been racing with Team Yoshimura at Suzuka 8H in the last 6 years and there has been nothing to complain on his performance or reliability in the team. He knows our GSX-R, Bridgestone tires and Suzuka Circuit very well, and both Schwantz and Tsujimoto have great respect towards him for his capability to have a result and in developing winning machine! It is great honor to have riders like Schwantz, Tsujimoto & Aoki for the Yoshimura’s 60th Anniversary race, and it is going to be one of the most memorable event for us.

Team Manager
Fujio Yoshimura

Nobuatsu Aoki

Both Kevin Schwantz and Satoshi Tsujimoto have been my hero since I was a teenager, and the team manager Fujio Yoshimura has been a big name in racing. I am proud to be one of the riders of “Legend Team” to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Yoshimura company. My duty is leading the team to the victory with my experiences, and I will do my best. It is 7th time that I race Suzuka 8H in Yoshimura team, and I am honor that I am the rider with largest number to race in the team history!

Kevin Schwantz :
It is great to have Nobu on the team, and I look forward to riding with him. I had to ride against him last year and we get to ride with him this year!

Satoshi Tujimoto :
I am relieved to hear Nobu will be our team mate. Since the Legend team was made, I have been thinking he would be the best rider to race together. He is a reliable rider and I have seen him on the Suzuka 8H podium for 4 times from Yoshimura team! So, he is suitable one to be in the Yoshimura Legend team. I am sure Fujio will be leading us in the best way and Kevin, Nobu and I will show the best performance!