【Team Lineup】35th Team Lineup

Rider Leon Camier / Josh Waters / Nobuatsu Aoki

Yoshimura Suzuki Racing Team will compete 2012 Suzuka 8 Hours World Endurance Race with 3 brilliant riders. The lineup will be Leon Camier who competes in the World Superbike Championship Series from Team Crescent FIXI Suzuki, Josh Waters who competes in the Australian Superbike Championship Series from Team Suzuki and Nobuatsu Aoki who is Suzuki Factory test rider. This year Yoshimura Suzuki will race with the GSX-R1000L2 with maximum tuning, and will target to win the 35th anniversary race event of Suzuka 8 Hours.

Team Manager

Yohei Kato: This year we collaborate with Team Crescent FIXI Suzuki on World Superbike Championship Series by developing and supplying the engines & exhaust systems. Through the regular entry into the world highest superbike race series, we have gained different experience from the wild card entry until last year. At Suzuka 8 Hours, we will put all know-how into the Yoshimura GSX-R1000L2 and we hope we can prove the high potential performance of our race bike. We are going to have 3 excellent riders in our team, Josh Waters who showed his potential capacity at his first Suzuka race last year, Nobuatsu Aoki who is a veteran rider with great ability of machine set-up, and as a new rider for our Suzuka 8 Hours team we welcom Leon Camier from World Superbike Championship Series. We are aiming our 5th victory of Suzuka 8 Hours, and we will try our best.


Leon Camier

NameLeon Camier
Place of birthEngland
Date of birth4 August, 1986

Comment: I am thrilled to be racing in the Suzuka 8 hour and honoured that Yoshimura have asked me to take part in such a prestigious race. I have done the Suzuka 8 hour race 3 times before, but have never been particularly successful there, so I am hoping that this year will see a change of luck. It is a hard track to learn because it is technically demanding as well as long. I will have to learn how to ride the Yoshimura GSX-R on Bridgestone tyres, but hopefully that will not be too much of a problem. My goal is to get to grips with the tyres as soon as I can, keep up a good pace and still be fast at the end of the race.

Josh Waters

NameJosh Waters
Place of birthAustraria
Date of birth24 January, 1987

Comment: I am very excited to be joining Yoshimura Suzuki Suzuka 8 hour team for 2012, and I would like to thank both Suzuki and Yoshimura for offering me the great opportunity. Last year we came very close to winning. I learnt a lot last year and now I know how hard Suzuka 8 hour is. I hope I can help the team to get even better result this year. My team mates for 2012 team are both great riders and I am looking forward to working with them.

Nobuatsu Aoki

NameNobuatsu Aoki
Place of birthJapan
Date of birth31 August, 1971

Comment: This is my 5th time of Suzuka 8hour endurance race with Team Yoshimura. I am really exited to race with the multinational team this year, and I hope I can assist these young riders. Based on the WSBK development, the engine should perform well, and I am looking forward to ride the Yoshimura GSX-R1000L2. I have been racing already 30 years and I have raced in Moto GP races the most in Japanese. As is well known, Moto GP is the fastest motorcycle competition in the world but I would say Suzuka 8 hour is the toughest endurance race in the world. It would be intensely competitive again this year, but my target is climbing back to the center of the podium with my team mates. Yes, WE NEED TO WIN.