For D=22mm hose

For D=25mm hose


Digital Gauge Sensor Adapter Set


Product Variation

For hose with inner diameter 22mm

Parts No.415-022-0000

For hose with inner diameter 25mm

Parts No.415-025-0000

Product Description

Digital gauge sensor adapter for Sensor Type-C (PT1/8-28).
It makes possible to measure the water temperature in radiator hose.
There are adapters for hoses with inner diameter 22mm and 25mm.

Material: Aluminum (Adapter)
Contents: Adapter & 2 of hose band
Length: 70mm
Hose attachment part: 25mm (Both sides)

CNC machined aluminum adapter
Cut radiator hose and mount adapter with 2 of hose band.
<Required item>
PRO-GRESS Digital Gauge Sensor Type-C for PRO-GRESS meter series.
Digital Temp. Meter Sensor Type-C for Digital Temp/Multi meter series.