40th Team Lineup

Rider Takuya Tsuda / Josh Brookes / Sylvain Guintoli

Fujio Yoshimura / President

The first Suzuka 8 Hour Endurance Race in 1978 was the most memorable race in my whole life! The race plan that we’ve had towards Suzuka 8 hours was just simple, “Go flat out for 8 hours, just like a sprint race!” but the race plan of Honda RCBs would have been different that they kept their theoretical endurance style. It is obvious that Yoshimura’s style for the endurance race was far different from what most Japanese fans and motorcycle manufactures have imagined. It is because their thoughts were based on Honda RCBs who have won 4 consecutive FIM Endurance World Titles. In 1977, Takazumi Katayama won his first 350class World GP Title and his lap time in European circuits were about equal to so called “Unsinkable Fleet of RCB”! Well, in the US side, on the other hand, Wes Cooley on the Yoshimura tuned Z1 was doing fair battle against Yamaha TZ350 at local race events. So, we knew we’ve got the power to fight against RCB. But we’ve never known “8 Hours Endurance Race” was going to be held at Suzuka Circuit at that time! In late 1977, we’ve heard the news of the world-class race event would be scheduled at Suzuka Circuit and Honda would bring their triumphant RCB for the first time to the Japanese fans, wow!! We’ve never ever thought, one year later, we would show up in Suzuka with Suzuki GS1000 and head against the Honda RCBs which were supposed to be rewarded at Suzuka Circuit for another glorious victory to their record books. In those days, American road races were never highly valued by any of Japanese fans neither motorcycle manufacturers but Europe was the place to be for all the glorious heritage of racing. So, Honda RCBs and its riders were more than special that, as we all knew, they’ve won 4 consecutive world endurance titles in Europe. Meanwhile Yoshimura tuned GS1000 only had high street type handle bar and small bikini fairing, and our riders, Wes Cooley and Mike Baldwin, were showing their unique riding style from the US ready for 8 hours of battling! Yoshimura GS1000 qualified 2nd place ahead of RCBs. Obviously, everyone had the same question, “Can Yoshimura Team finish the race?”. Well, we’ve done it and won the “The First Suzuka 8 Hour Endurance Race” in the dramatic way that anyone never thought of! After the checker flag was dropped, Pops and rest of us at Yoshimura felt “Hey, are we not dreaming? Right?”
After 40 years of our racing history of Suzuka 8 hours, I am deeply impressed by the fact that we are still here.
See you in Suzuka!

Fujio Yoshimura

Team Manager: Yohei Kato

Yoshimura Suzuki MOTUL Racing will race to win the 40th Suzuka 8 hours World Endurance Championship with 3 experienced riders, Takuya Tsuda, Sylvain Guintoli, and Josh Brookes. The new GSX-R1000 has been developed through All Japan Championship JSB1000 series, and it will be faster and stronger than ever by the time of the Suzuka 8 hours. Carrying expectations of Suzuki who released the new GSX-R1000 and all Yoshimura fans with their great support, we will race for the 5th champion of Suzuka 8 hours together with 3 reliable riders. Thank you very much for your great support of Yoshimura Suzuki MOTUL Racing.
I’ve Got The Power!
Yoshimura Suzuki MOTUL Racing

Team manager Yohei Kato.

Takuya Tsuda

NameTakuya Tsuda
Place of birthWakayama, Japan
Date of birth27 April, 1985

The Suzuka 8hours of this year is the 40th anniversary and also the final round of FIM Endurance World Championship, so it will gather a great deal of attention. Yoshimura has won the first Suzuka 8 hours back in 1978 and they have been challenging every race after this. I am very looking forward to racing this year with two solid riders, Sylvain and Josh, and we will fight 8 hours together for the top of podium with the new GSX-R1000. Thank you very much for supporting Yoshimura Suzuki MOTUL racing.

Race Career
2013Suzuka 8H 2nd place
All Japan Championship JSB1000 Ranking Ranking 4th
2014Suzuka 8H 2nd place
All Japan Championship JSB1000 Ranking Ranking 3rd place
2015Suzuka 8H 5th
All Japan Championship JSB1000 Ranking Ranking 4th
2016Suzuka 8H 3rd place
All Japan Championship JSB1000 Ranking Ranking 2nd place

Sylvain Guintoli

NameSylvain Guintoli
Place of birthFrance
Date of birth24 June, 1982

The 8 hours of Suzuka is famous for being one of the most important and difficult motorcycle race in the World. It represents a great challenge so I am very excited to be a part of the prestigious Yoshimura Suzuki Team with the new GSX-R1000. My last experience in Endurance racing was fantastic with Suzuki GSX-R1000 in 8 hour of Doha 2010. We won the race and the World Championship for Suzuki so I hope we can go to the top step again.

Race Career
2014World Superbike Championship Series Champion
2015World Superbike Championship Ranking 6th
2016World Superbike Championship Ranking 11th
2017Suzuka 8H / Yoshimura Suzuki MOTUL Racing
British Superbike Championship

Josh Brookes

NameJosh Brookes
Place of birthAutsralia
Date of birth28 April, 1983

The Suzuka 8 Hours is very important to me and I have always had aspirations of winning here. It is a great privilege to be invited to join Yoshimura Suzuki again this year and after our podium success together in 2013 and 2016, I’m really looking forward to riding the new bike and aiming for the top step together again this year.

Race Career
2013British Superbike Championship Ranking 3rd place
Suzuka 8H 2nd place / Team Yoshimura
2014British Superbike Championship Ranking 4th
2015British Superbike Championship Series Champion
2016World Superbike Championship Ranking 14th
Suzuka 8H 3rd place / Yoshimura Suzuki Shell ADVANCE
2017Suzuka 8H / Yoshimura Suzuki MOTUL Racing
British Superbike Championship

2017 Denso Suzuka 8H Promotion Girl

NameTsukasa Arai
Date of birth29 November, 1994
Place of birthGunma, Japan
BlogTsukasa Arai (Japanese only)