TMS Air Funnel Kit


Product Variation

TMS Optional Air Funnel L20

Parts No.793-199-2010

TMS Optional Air Funnel L40

Parts No.793-199-4010

TMS Optional Air Funnel L60

Parts No.793-199-6010

TMS Air Funnel Kit

Parts No.793-199-0000

Product Description

TMS Air Funnel Kit is developed to create ideal torque curve.
It is a setting tool and further adjustment is possible by changing air funnel location with different length air funnels.

TMS Air Funnel Kit is delivered with 2 of each L60 and L20 Air funnels, and L60-L20-L20-L60 is the recommended setting fixed with Yoshimura exhaust system.

It creates smooth torque curve from middle to top end, and makes throttle work smoother.
Note: It is suggested to remap ECU to obtain the best performance.

Compatible models & model years