Racing ECU set

Racing ECU Product information & Download

Racing ECU Set / Engine Management Professional Ver.2.0

Racing ECU Contents
Control unit, FI
Interface cable

Necessary item

Model / YearPart numberOperating environment
Racing ECU setWiring harness set
GSX-R10002017-2018490-50A-0000406-50A-1000OS : Windows 10
Windows 7
Windows XP


Download the instruction, Racing ECU software and USB driver.


Wiring diagram is available and possible to download from the product site.


Follow the downloaded instruction to install Racing ECU software and USB driver.


Fuel injection controlIgnition timing controlEngine brake controlIgnition cut timing
Speed limitingOver rev limit *1Engine condition monitoringTraction control
Ram air compensationBlipping controlAnti wheelie controlLaunch control

*1: Require 210-50A-0000 ST-R Camshaft set

ECU data

There are 2 of compensation map preprogrammed in the Racing ECU.

– Base map of SB-JSB_17R 1000.GSD (0% value) is ready for SB/JSB race use.

– STD_17R 1000.GSD is adjusted for ST race use.

<Recommended engine spec and compensation map details>

 Compensation map file nameSB-JSB_17R 1000.GSDSTD_17R 1000.GSD
Recommended engine specApplicable regulationSB1000/JSB1000ST1000
Fuel100 octane unleaded fuel
CamshaftYoshimura ST-R *2Standard
Exhaust systemYoshimura racing exhaust system *3
Head gasket thicknessT=0.45mm *4
Cylinder head grinding0.5mmNo modification
ClutchAdjustable BTL clutch set *5
(GSX-R1000L2-L6 Standard)
Air funnel#1/#4 short funnel *6Standard
Compensation map detailsFuel injection and ignition timing0% map is ready for SB/JSB race use.
(Possible to make further adjustment.)
Preprogrammed map is ready for ST1000 race use.
(Possible to make further adjustment.)
Maximum rpm15,000rpm *114,700rpm

*2: 210-50A-0000 ST-R Camshaft set

*3  150-50A-AX*G* / 150-50A-CX*G* Racing exhaust system R-11Sq R / 150-50A-A1*G* / 150-50A-C1*G* Racing exhaust system R-11Sq

*4: A-F1110-14S Cylinder head gasket

*5: 310-50A-0000 Adjustable BTL clutch set

*6: Modification of standard air funnel.